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22 December, 2021
NAKO calls upon MPs to support draft laws #5712 and 5714
Today, military service conditions are discriminatory for both men and women. The inequity in their rights and obligations can be fixed by draft laws #5712 and 5714, which have been introduced to the Ukrainian Parliament. The documents were developed by MPs and civil society organizations in cooperation with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Draft law #5713 will allow service men to take paid paternity leave following the birth of their children. It will also introduce an obligation to launch internal investigations into discrimination based on various grounds that take place during military service.
At the same time, draft law #5714 will ensure the equality of service men and women in terms of being subject to criminal and administrative liability, including disciplinary battalion matters or military arrest and detention, along with ensuring relevant conditions.
Not only does special treatment of women prevent the development of their military careers, but also it discriminates against men in their access to certain types of social protection, in particular, benefits related to raising children.
Therefore, NAKO and several NGOs, such as Legal Hundred, Institute for Gender Problems, and Women’s Veteran Movement, call upon specialized parliamentary committees to support the draft laws.