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4 February, 2019
Nashi Groshi TV Program: Investigation of Ambiguous Schemes in Defence Service Housing
Nashi Groshi TV Program (translated as ‘Our Money’) with the host Denys Bigus has carried out the investigation of ambiguous schemes in defence service housing. They have revealed that often expensive service housing is given to high officials who often later privatize it.

Denys Bigus, ‘Nashi Groshi’ host: ‘The key problem arises already at the level of promises to servicemen/women. It is impossible to provide housing to everyone entitled to it with the law. It’s the Soviet-style populism’.

Lada Roslycka, NAKO Head of Policy ‘There is a very big question of who gets this defence housing and based on what? For instance, a war hero who spoke about is housing problem during NAKO’s press conference has now the same number in defence housing queue as several years ago. He is still waiting, whereas high officials seem to have some schemes at their disposal to improve their position in the waiting list’.

Watch the program in Ukrainian: