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26 June, 2018
The new parliamentary committee expected to provide control over the SSU – NAKO
21 January, 2018 Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law on National Security of Ukraine.

UA:TV talked to NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub to find out what changes it stipulates for the Security Service of Ukraine. Tregub said that launching the reform of the SSU is the most resonant issue for the society and the one attracting the increased focus of the international partners. The new Law on the Security Service of Ukraine must be adopted till 21 December, 2018, said Tregub.

But she explained that already now the Law on National Security makes a change. Previously the SSU was the law enforcement body, whereas after the adoption of the law it will be the special-task body with law enforcement functions. Basically the SSU will be limited to four tasks: counteraction to intelligence and subversive activity, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence support and the state secrecy protection. But Tregub points out that the SSU remains responsible for the counterintelligence protection of the economic security of the state which can further provoke illegitimate and corruptive attacks on businesses. According to the Law on National Security, the SSU will be accountable to Verkhovna Rada, explains NAKO Secretary General.

Tregub said: “The new Committee will be established to carry out democratic parliamentary control over the intelligence bodies. For example, I mean here deputies – they are civil persons with the access to state secrets”. She continued by recalling that in case of such illegitimate attacks the Committee will have access to all documents in this respect: “It will analyze how the decision was made, why this or that company is accused in, for instance, connections with the aggressor country or terrorists. This will allow putting the SSU in the civilized framework, which is expected by the international partners of Ukraine”. Currently there are two letters from Western Partners, including NATO, the US and the EU delegations, where they state that the SSU reform is very important for Ukraine, and that the Law on National Security should allow launching it, stressed Tregub.