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14 July, 2022
The Presidential Office proposed a mechanism for monitoring the arrival of weapons

Andriy Yermak, Head of the Presidential Office, informed about such an initiative. He proposed Verkhovna Rada form a temporary special commission that would control the use of weapons. According to Yermak, the received weapons are accounted for and transferred directly to the front. However, given the warnings of international partners, it is proposed to implement more oversight mechanisms to prevent manipulation and undermining of trust in Ukraine.

As a civil oversight organisation, NAKO supports this proposal. We are sure that creating such a commission will strengthen the role of the parliament in the oversight of the security and defence sector and make the process of arms transfer more accountable and transparent. Especially as concerns about the fate of Western weapons in Ukraine are increasingly being heard in foreign media and among representatives of partner countries. A recent address by Congresswoman Victoria Spartz re-emphasized this issue and the importance of building better control over the transfer of armament.

Along with this, Russia actively uses this problem for propaganda purposes. For example, many fakes about selling "excess" Western weapons to third countries have surfaced recently. In some places, propagandists even claim that the Ukrainian army is selling its weapons to the Russian military. The ultimate goal of this is to undermine trust in Ukraine and reduce military aid. The existing oversight mechanism does not allow to confirm that all received weapons are transferred directly to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This problem is significantly complicated in times of war. After all, in the conditions of martial law, reporting on the armament of certain troops in specific directions can put them at risk and harm military operations. That is why additional Parliament control will contribute to more balanced oversight without harm to Ukraine’s national security.