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19 July, 2018
Resolving a Defence Housing Queue of 47-thousand Servicemen, Women and their Families
Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense
On 19 July, 2018, NAKO representatives gave the Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak clear recommendations aimed at solving the housing problem of servicemen and women. Ukraine has the longest defence housing queue in the world. The current system is corrupt and ineffective. Under current conditions, it could take more than 600 years to satisfy defence housing needs. To help resolve this dire matter, the Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak asked NAKO to conduct an expert study. Having completed the research, NAKO handed the Minister its recommendations. “The first important step has been made”, - noted the NAKO member Oleg Rybachuk. He continued by stating that NAKO is ready to assume responsibility for the creation of a working group which will consolidate the vision of stakeholders and support the ministry in reforms. Now the process of cooperation with the Ministry towards defence housing reforms begins. NAKO encourages experts and international partners to become engaged to help resolve the housing issue. Poltorak has personally assured NAKO that the political will for the change is there! Minister Poltorak concurred the working group is a good idea asserting “I will ask the men and women who are still in service and those who have already finished the military service to join the group.” It is very important to the democratic reform process that the opinions of service men and women be heard and taken into account. To this end, NAKO proposed during the meeting that a survey of service men and women be conducted. This survey will be the first of its kind in independent Ukraine. The Committee is grateful to the Minister of Defense for his expressed willingness to maintain dialogue and cooperation with NAKO in the interest of reducing corruption risks in the security and defence sector and to increase transparency. The research and recommendations will be publically presented in the second half of September 2018.