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13 July, 2018
Poroshenko Promised NAKO to Make Defence Procurement More Transparent
The President of Ukraine promised NAKО Secretary General Olena Tregub that defence procurement will be more transparent.

This happened at the NATO summit in Brussels, during the discussion with Petro Poroshenko and President of Georgia Georgy Margvelashvili. Tregub asked the Ukrainian leader if he thinks that it’s acceptable that more than 50% of all defence procurement is classified. She pointed out that the newly adopted Law on National Security brings Ukraine closer to NATO standards, in particular in terms of transparency. This is what the President of Ukraine answered: "I am the author of the Law on National Security. I have worked on it to assure greater transparency in the defence and security sector. What you are talking about is not due to corruption, but because of confidentiality associated with it. We deal with defence expenditures during the war. The Russian Federal Security Service is everywhere in our country. But now it's important to demonstrate transparency. "

The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) aims at reducing corruption risks in the security and defence sector and increasing transparency and accountability in the sector. NAKO as the representative of the international non-governmental organization advocates for enhancing the legislation on state secrets and transparency of the defence budget.