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4 November, 2022
By strengthening the Ukrainian army, South Korea will help prevent the use of nuclear weapons by Russia - Olena Tregub
If russia uses nuclear weapons, it will have consequences not only for Ukraine itself, but also for the world. And in order for Russia not to threaten to take such a step, the world must show complete unity in supporting the victim of aggression and more actively supply Ukraine with weapons and military equipment. After all, if the Ukrainian Armed Forces are armed to effectively confront the enemy, it will have a deterrent effect.
This opinion was voiced by the executive director of NAKO, Olena Tregub, during a round table held on February 2 at the Institute of East Asian Studies in Seoul.
She called on South Korea to more actively support Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia and to provide modern high-tech military equipment. After all, in her opinion, by preventing the use of nuclear weapons, any state makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the world.
"Earlier, Ukraine itself ranked third in the world in terms of the number of nuclear weapons. But for the sake of world security, for the sake of peace, we gave up nuclear weapons," Olena Tregub reminded.
She noted that supporting Ukraine in the confrontation with Russia is also part of the opposition to Russia and its partners in East Asia. "Since North Korea is still a nuclear threat in East Asia, and the conflict between China and Taiwan is intensifying, supporting Ukraine will be part of South Korea's defense," she explained.