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14 March, 2019
Roslycky Lectured at the Chernyakhovsky National University
On March 18 NAKOs Head of Policy, Lada Roslycky, lectured at the Chernyakhovsky National University of Ukraine. In presenting the findings of NAKOs defence-corruption questionnaire she also explained the role of civil society in democratic oversight of Ukraine’s defence sector.  The questionnaire was launched in view of the upcoming elections.

 The 7 questions addressed matters ranging from over-classification to procurement reform and the military-industrial complex; particularly Ukroboronprom. A long-standing tradition in France, she explained that in Ukraine,  this is the first time a reputable civil society organization delivered questionnaire to every presidential candidate focused on how they plan to reduce corruption in defence sector. 

The lecture also gave the servicemen and women the chance to take part in the discussion, to share their work, interests and perceptions of corruption. The anti-corruption lectures are offered within the framework of the BITEC initiative, where NAKO is a partner. The events take place under the guidance of Oksana Kurylina, the Senior Researcher of the Center of Preventing Corruption in Defence and Security Sector at the Defence University. With the help of the BITEC (Building Integrity Training and Education Centre) initiative, NAKO contributes to positive change and integrity building in Ukraine’s defence sector.