23 January 2019

On January 18 and 23 NAKOs Head of Policy Lada Roslycky lectured at the Chernyakhovsky National University of Ukraine.

She tought the MoD department heads about the role of civil society in democratic control in Ukraine’s defence sector. The lectures gave the MoD secior officials the chance to take part in the discussion, to share their work, interests and perceptions of corruption.

The anti-corruption lectures are given in the framework of the BITEC initiative, where NAKO is a partner. These events take place under the guidance of Oksana Kurylina, the Senior Researcher of the Center of Preventing Corruption in Defence and Security Sector at the Defence University. With the help of the BITEC (Building Integrity Training and Education Centre) initiative, NAKO contributes to change in Ukraine’s defence sector. The goal of the BITEC Initiative is to deliver integrity building courses for security sector personnel and to teach investigatory techniques related to corruption.

Transparency Ukraine monitors the state of corruption in Ukraine compared to other countries within the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), whereas NAKO helps the Ministry of Defence to increase the Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index (GDACI).