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7 December, 2018
NAKO 10 Quarterly: Research on MoD Real Estate Presented to the Committee
1-3 December NAKO’s 10th Quarterly took place in Kyiv. The Committee discussed further steps which should be taken to promote effective reform within Ukraine’s defence and security sector.

Corruption schemes within Ukraine’s defence housing and real estate sector were deliberated in relation to the upcoming release of NAKOs research into the subject.  Unfortunately, the Ministry of Defence has already experienced delays in presenting its new proposed concept of premier properties which was due out earlier this fall. The research into defence real-estate corruption is being prepared within the context of reforming Ukraine’s defence housing system. Poor governance within the system has been shown to create corruption risks.   

By drawing clear connections between corruption schemes and poor governance, NAKO is aiming to provide targeted recommendations for changes that will lower corruption risks thereby improving the overall system. A public presentation of this study is being planned for March 2019. Also NAKO analyst Taras Yemchura presented his research on the State Defence Order. The documents is being prepared upon request from the selected Ukrainian MPs.