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29 September, 2017
TI Ukraine Has Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Defence
Transparency International Ukraine, an anti-corruption organization, has signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with Ukrainian Ministry of Defence. The Ministry and TI Ukraine will collaborate to decrease corruption risks and increase the transparency of the entire defence sector. TI Ukraine and NAKO (the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee) will provide expert assistance during the development and implementation of new anti-corruption policies at the Ministry of Defence, and give advice on how to prevent corruption. The Ministry will support the examination and provide reliable information to NAKO experts. During the last five months, the NAKO experts have studied the susceptibility of procurement, as well as the medical and housing sectors of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to corruption. Stepan Poltorak (the Ukrainian Defence Minister) has affirmed the political will to reform this sphere – using the results of NAKO’s monitoring and recommendations – during a work meeting in December 2016. To ensure a quick and efficient start to the anti-corruption reforms in the defence sector, the NAKO representatives are ready to collaborate with the Reforms Committee of the Ministry of Defence and the Ukrainian Armed Forces on a full-time basis. ‘Current legislation does not facilitate transparency in the defence sector and prevents the public from efficiently monitoring budgeted funds in this sector. Increased accountability and openness will promote a more efficient use of resources, along with high quality and timely satisfaction to the needs of our servicemen,’ noted Andrii Marusov, the Head of TI Ukraine’s Board.

‘NAKO experts have provided recommendations for the 2017 Ukraine-NATO cooperation program, as well as for the medium-term section of the government’s 2020 priority actions, which includes strategic tasks related to the fight against corruption in the defence and security sector. Developing a detailed action plan based on the strategic defence program is the government’s first priority.  Procurement reform, more transparency relating to procurement plans, budgets and contract information, as well as the reform of state enterprises and housing are also key priorities. Such measures will increase the transparency of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence,’ said Viktor Plakhuta, Secretary General of NAKO. The members of NAKO will consult the Ministry’s employees and monitor development regarding anti-corruption progress in the defence sector. Contact for media: Sevhil Musaieva +380502171817;