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17 May, 2020
Top Corruption Cases in Defence: Recent Developments

UAH 100mln Bail for Plundering of the National Guard Assets 

The new stage in one of the most sensational corruption cases where the former Member of Ukraine’s Parliament and the top management of the National Guard were involved. Another participant there who deserves attention is the real estate assessor who declared that the exchange of the flats for servicemen in Kyiv’s downtown with the economy-class apartments in Kyiv’s suburbs were equivalent.  At the end of April, 2020, the High Anti-Corruption Court got a UAH 30mln bail from the former President of the development company Maxym Mykytas. It also announced another bail, this time UAH 100mln. At the same time, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution have already finished investigating this case, established the new facts of illegal activity and forwarded the materials to the court.  The results of the investigation are the following:
  • the evidence has been found that the former Chief of the National Guard Yuriy Alerov received a 125 thousand dollars bribe to act in the interest of the development company, Ukrbud;
  • it has been established that a UAH 1.8 mln apartment which was allegedly bought by a relative of Yuriy Alerov for UAH 571 thousand in fact belongs to Alerov himself and was received from the former MP and former President of Ukrbud, Maxym Mykytas; 
  • it has been established that documents estimating the advantage of the apartment exchange have been falsified. 
Apart from Yuriy Alerov and Maxym Mykytas, two more officials from the Main Housing Directorate of the Armed Forces, three top managers at Ukrbud, and the real estate assessor are suspected. On May 14, 2020, Mykytas failed to go UAH 100mln bail. So the court placed the former Member of Parliament under house arrest. However, the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution plans to appeal against this decision demanding the much stronger preventive punishment, taking into custody.  More details on this case can be found on our website.  Read more:  NAKO Calls Attention to Corruption Schemes in Defence Housing

6 People Served with a Notice of Charges in Hladkovsky Case

In 2017 the-then First Deputy Secretary to Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council Oleh Hladkovsky in league with the former Deputy Minister of Defence and a department head organized procurement of trucks within the state defence order system at the price much higher than stipulated by the budget. The producer and the supplier of these trucks was OptimumSpetsDetal. These facts were established by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.  Now the former Deputy Minister of Defence and head of department for military and technical policy are suspected of official misconduct which caused economic losses to the state for UAH 17,44 mln. At the same time, four other top managers of the company affiliated with Hladkovsky are charged with tax fraud and money laundering for more than 49 UAH mln. According to the investigators, despite the fact that the vehicles of OptimumSpetsDetal didn’t meet certain requirements, the company got the state defence order. One of these discrepancies is the level of their localization. The Ministry of Defence and OptimumSpetsDetal signed the contract which stipulated partial prepayment and fixed no opportunity for the price review. Despite this, the price was increased, and high officials from the Ministry of Defence approved it, with the former Deputy Minister’s sanction. As a result, the country paid UAH 17mln extra. Last year journalists published the investigation of large-scale plundering of state funds at public procurement for Ukrainian defence companies. One of the key figures involved was First Deputy of the National Security and Defence Council Oleh Hladkovsky. In October 2019 Hladkovsky was served with charges of corrupt practices, and the preventive punishment was taking him into custody for 2 months. However, he was given a chance to go UAH 10.6mln bail, and he did so. Thus, Hladkovsky was out on bond. In May 2020, the allegations were renewed, and the bail was increased till UAH 17mln. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.