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14 December, 2022
Members of a group that supplied Western technologies to the Russia will be judged in the United States
Five Russian nationals and two US nationals have been indicted in Brooklyn Federal Court in New York for illegally acquiring and exporting technology for the Russian defense industry. Some of these electronic components may be used in the development of nuclear and hypersonic weapons, quantum computing and other military technologies. This is respondet reported by European Truth ("Європейська правда").
According to the indictment, the defendants were associated with the Moscow companies Serniya Engineering and Sertal LLC, which work under the direction of the special services of the Russian Federation for the purchase of advanced electronics and equipment for the Russian military-industrial complex and scientific research sector.
Alexey Ippolitov received requests for electronics and passed them on to accomplices - Sertal employees Yevhenii Grinin and Svitlana Skvortsova, who provided financing and delivery routes. And Borys Livshyts was responsible for purchasing goods from American companies. He coordinated his activities with US citizens Aleksey Breiman and Vadym Yermolenko, as well as FSB agent Vadym Konoshchenko.
This one carried dual purpose electronics, military tactical ammunition, etc. While crossing the Estonian border with Russia, he was found to have goods subject to export control. On December 6, at the request of the United States, he was arrested and is currently awaiting extradition. It is reported that Breiman surrendered to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Yermolenko was arrested in New Jersey. The rest of the accused are on the run.