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23 May, 2018
Effective Parliamentary Control Over Security Services Discussed at the Verkhovna Rada
23 May 2018 the development of effective parliamentary control over security services was discussed at the seminar at the Verkhovna Rada. One of the key topics was establishing the separate parliamentary committee which will exercise parliamentary control over the Secuity Service of Ukraine. NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub represented civil society at this discussion.

Representatives from the Great Britain, Sweden, Norway and Lithuania shared their experience in this area. The issue was brought up why there is no parliamentary control over the sector of security in Ukraine. This question is of high importance as it is relevant to the draft bill on national security which the Verkhovna Rada is to pass soon. The goal of the document should be to bring the security and defence sector closer to the system of NATO members.

Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) which is aimed at reducing the corruption risks in this sector doesn’t simply follow the law-making process but also advocates for the reformatory amendments that could increase the transparency and accountability of the sector.