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1 October, 2021
Ukrainian servicewomen will receive comfortable bulletproof vests 

The National Guard of Ukraine commissioned development of body armor for women, and now the Ukrainian manufacturer Balistyka is working on it. However, official tests have not yet begun: the developers said that they are carrying out only preliminary testing. The model was developed based on the existing bulletproof vest, but made lighter and according to the female anatomy.


The initiative has already been approved by the Women’s Veterans Movement. “We are ready to serve in different conditions, to walk in uncomfortable gear, or to buy comfortable gear. But we want an army that will take care of male and female soldiers, providing decent service conditions and taking care of professional development,” the organization posted on its official Facebook page. They emphasize that this is one of the first steps towards ensuring that military personnel have a uniform that corresponds to the anatomical and physiological features of the female body and figure. “No one could have thought of such a luxury as a bulletproof vest, given that you have breasts, in 2014. Now everything is changing,” the veterans say.

”If when selecting a man’s bulletproof vest, ‘two parameters are enough’, then for a woman we have to take into account three parameters - also the girth of the thighs,”  said Victoria Arnautova, adviser on gender issues to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. She noted that “even the size grid for sewing men’s and women’s clothing is different. That is, size 50 for the male field uniform will not be similar to the female size 50.”

Currently, more than 31,000 women serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is more than 15% of service members.

We at NAKO fully support the position of the Women’s Veterans Movement that the needs of these women should be taken into account at the level of public policy, in particular, a gender-sensitive uniform should be developed and provided.