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25 September, 2022
South Korea must realize that Ukraine is winning the war with Russia - Olena Tregub
South Korea can provide Ukraine with modern, high-quality weapons. NAKO Executive Director Olena Tregub is convinced of this. During her visit to South Korea, she met with politicians, civil society, the academic community, and representatives of defense enterprises and spoke with the mass media.
"South Korea was able to bring its defense industry to a high level. Today, it produces weapons and equipment that compete with the products of well-known global manufacturers of NATO standards," said Olena Tregub. And she reminded us that South Korea concluded a contract with Poland this summer, according to which it will supply Poland with tanks and planes. It is Poland's largest defense contract recently - for almost six billion euros.

"Ukraine is also interested in South Korean equipment. Unfortunately, South Korea adheres to the policy of not selling or providing Ukraine with any weapons. Therefore, so far, we have only received humanitarian aid from it in the amount of $100 million, for which Ukraine expresses gratitude. South Korea also approved the introduction of economic sanctions against Russia and supported Ukraine politically and morally," says the executive director of NAKO.
"Now, it is important that South Korea realizes that Ukraine will win the war with imperial Russia, which will be a victory for democracy. It must start supplying Ukraine with weapons as soon as possible. In the future, South Korea can actively reconstruct Ukraine," Olena emphasized Trouble. For this to happen, the Ukrainian authorities, diplomats, and civil society must now make efforts, she said.
Russia's GDP is the same size as South Korea's GDP, and Russia has 170 times more territory than South Korea. This fact alone demonstrates that South Korea should not perceive Russia as a global power, the successor of the USSR, and attach its economic and security interests to it.
After defeating Russia, Ukraine will become a leader among the countries of the former Soviet bloc. Just as South Korea remembers all the nations that helped it in the 1950-1953 war, Ukraine, which needs help today, will remember each country's contribution to its victory. With an aggressive imperialist war aimed at destroying the global order, Russia, a state sponsor of terrorism, has crossed out its potential for economic cooperation. It is better to realize this sooner rather than later.