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19 July, 2022
The Verkhovna Rada created the commission to control the use of Western weapons.

On July 19, the Verkhovna Rada created a temporary special commission for monitoring the receipt and use of international material and technical assistance during the war.

Verkhovna Rada’s website reports:

"The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted resolution #7563 "On the formation of the Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on monitoring the receipt and use of international material and technical aid during a state of war."

The Commission will be headed by an MP from the Holos faction, Rustem Umerov, who also initiated its creation.

Among the tasks of the special commission: preparation and submission to the Council for consideration of legislative initiatives on the creation of a model of parliamentary oversight over receipt and use of international material and technical assistance, including arming and conducting parliamentary hearings on cases of violation of the transparency and integrity of the use of the aid.

The commission's creation was preceded by many reservations from international partners regarding the allegedly inappropriate use or sale of weapons provided to Ukraine.

NAKO welcomes the establishment of the relevant commission. This is another step towards strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the capabilities of parliamentary oversight in times of war.

The issue of oversight over Western weapons is vital as the ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to give a decent rebuff to the aggressor directly depends on it. The conditions of Russia's information war against Ukraine also limit the Russian Federation's ability to speculate on this topic in the world media. Accordingly, it does not allow the world's trust in Ukraine to be shaken.