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1 December, 2022
We can take steps to stop Russia and Iran from getting Western technology for weapons production - Olena Tregub
How did Western-made components get into Iranian combat drones? Those drones with which Russia strikes at Ukraine. Once we figure this out, we can take steps to stop Russia and Iran from getting Western technology for weapons production. Olena Tregub, executive director of NAKO, said this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

"We were surprised. We know how Iran speaks about the United States and at the same time they procure the majority of components for their weapons," she said.
As NAKO found out two types of Iranian-made drones shot down over the territory of Ukraine (Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6), they use the products made in the USA, Canada, Japan and other democratic countries.

“We saw serial numbers, some were not raised just “Made in USA” or “Made in Japan” But some have serial numbers and we can trace the suppliers genesis because of serial numbers. They did a so-so job in trying to hide the origins of components of those drones. Maybe, some companies did not do due diligence in tracking their users. Maybe it's just business. But for victims of aggression it is symbolic. That's why the research has huge interest,” Olena Tregub said.

"We want to answer questions clearly where those parts are coming from, so that we can identify companies. We are in correspondence with many and some will collaborate with us to investigate who sells those parts to Iran", she added.

Olena Tregub emphasized that these drones help Russia to essentially inflict serious damage to Ukrainian critical infrastructure. These drones are used in combination with Russian missiles. They hit buildings in Dnipro and Kiev region, and people were killed. Such drones are very inexpensive. “Ballistic missiles cost hundreds of thousands dollars, but for example Shahed costs ten thousand dollars. And we have to use missiles that are more expensive to shoot these drones down”, she said.

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