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18 April, 2019
Yulia Marushevska Joined NAKO as a Committee Member
Yulia Marushevska has joined NAKO a new Ukrainian Member of the Committee. She has replaced on this position Sevgil Musaieva who has been NAKO's Member of the Committee for two years and who is now the Board Member.

A Ukrainian activist and former public servant, Marushevska became well known internationally after starring in the viral YouTube video “I am a Ukrainian,” filmed during the height of the Euromaidan protests in early 2014. Then in 2015 she was invited to be a visiting scholar at Stanford University working closely with Larry Diamond, Francis Fukuyama and former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. In July 2015, former president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, now governor of Odesa Region of Ukraine, appointed her as his deputy in the Odesa Regional Administration. In October of that year she was named to head the Customs Office of Odesa, a notoriously corrupt port on the Black Sea. After implementation of an effective anti corruption policies on the ground she had to resign because of lack of a high-level political will in support of the necessary reforms. After resigning she joined the Executive program in Global public policies in New York University and University College London. We warmly welcome Yulia in NAKO's team and wish her success in fighting defence corruption.