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15 December, 2021
With Botswana and Russia: Why does Ukrainian defence continue suffering from corruption?
Despite years of military action in the east of Ukraine and a threat of full-scale war with Russia, the Ukrainian defence industry is still prone to corruption. This follows from the Global Government Defence Integrity Index prepared by the Defence and Security Program run by Transparency International. According to comprehensive research by the international organization, corruption risks in the area remain high.
Ukraine could have improved its Index score due to the Defence Procurements Law adopted last year, NAKO representatives say. The law provides for better transparency in procurements of equipment and other items included in the State Defence Order.
However, full-fledged performance of the mechanism introduced by the law since 1 January 2021 has failed due to significant delays in its implementation. A number of provisions had to be put on hold and their entry-into-force was postponed by the Ukrainian Parliament until January 2022.