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15 October, 2022
Currently, the tolerance for corruption in the defense sector of Ukraine is low - Olena Tregub
Ukraine is able to reduce corruption in the defence sector to a minimum, and has already achieved significant success in this fight. NAKO Executive Director Olena Tregub is convinced of this.
“The Ukrainian state system and government are very resilient and function well even during an invasion. So, we have a lot of anti-corruption bodies. The Prosecutor general office, NABU and other anti-corruption bodies are open, they function. Everyone is open for criminal investigations”, she told the Indian TV channel WION.
We have some successful cases. They all are insignificant not so lage cases but they have been handled and investigated and persones are  prosecuted.

“I think, as of now during that hot and tense war, TOP-leaders of the Arm Forces and political leaders are motivated to protect the country to win the war. 
According to her, the stability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the supply of new weapons directly depends on the level of corruption in the defence sector. It is about our security, so today the tolerance for any corruption in the defence sector is low.
“NAKO helps to strengthen our military and defence by introducing reforms to have a modern procurement system and so on. Now Ukraine is very determined to move and join western world and NATO. Our organisation helps Ukraine to do it faster”, said the executive director of NACO, responding to journalists' questions.