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25 June, 2021
Civil Society Meets with Oleksandr Kornienko
Defence and security, anti-corruption and judicial reforms - those were the key issues discussed during the meeting between Head of the Sluha Narodu Party Oleksandr Kornienko and leading civil society organizations. NAKO’s Executive Director Olena Tregub and External Expert Oksana Nesterenko partook in the discussion.

In particular, they discussed the Draft Law №3822 on corporatization of Ukroboronprom member companies, which the Parliament may vote on in the coming weeks. The other key issue on the agenda was the reform of the Security Service of Ukraine. Even though this Draft Law is quite progressive, it still contains a number of pitfalls, NAKO experts said. They especially drew attention to the obstacles that the draft law would create for accessing public information. Also, Mr. Kornienko promised that he would consider a potential public hearing to discuss the State Secret issue that NAKO has studied and advocated for change over the last years.

The meeting took place on June 25. The other participants were the representatives of Transparency International Ukraine, Anti-Corruption Action Center, Centre of Policy and Legal Reform, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, Civil Network OPORA, DEJURE Foundation and Reanimation Package of Reforms. Participants agreed to meet quarterly. We hope that by the next meeting, a number of developments discussed will have already been implemented.