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7 May, 2020
The Normandy Summit and Steinmeier Formula: Tregub's Forecast
NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub spoke to Hromadske.International to discuss the following:
  • Potential Normandy summit in Berlin:
‘Apparently the meeting will not take place in May because of the pandemic. But even if not for the pandemic, it looks like this meeting would not have taken place anyway. Because indeed there was not much progress since the last meeting in December 2019. And even Lavrov mentioned that there is no point in the meeting if the things agreed at the last meeting have not been delivered. So indeed, it looks like it will be delayed’;
  • Perspectives of the Steinmeier Formula:
'Russia is still talking about Steinmeier’s formula but to me it looks like this initiative is dying, and I don’t see how the Ukrainian government could be able to convince the people that it’s a good idea. I think they will try to come up with new ideas. It’s just an attempt of the presidential administration to come up with the new idea but this one was too risky as it included too much of Russian interest, and Zelensky hopefully wanted to negotiate it in a way that the Ukrainian interests are met as well but they don’t understand that they are balancing on the edge, and basically Russia will not concede';
  • on the question, if there is any difference in approaches to the problem by the former and the current Presidents of Ukraine:
'The key to peace is Russia. Currently the developments in eastern Ukraine to a large extent depend on the political will of Russia. For this, it doesn’t really matter who a Ukrainian president is. It can be a democratically elected leader who will reflect the mood and wishes of the Ukrainian people and will try to protect national interests, and therefore, capitulation is not possible. Because the Ukrainian people will not accept it. So basically we see that Zelensky found himself in Poroshenko’s position'. To listen to the video program, please use this link.