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Upcoming Reports

Corruption Schemes within Ukraine’s Defence Housing Sector: risks and solutions

Ukraine has the longest defence housing queue in the world. The current system is wrought with corrupt and ineffective practices. Under current conditions it could take more than 600 years to satisfy defence housing needs. Moreover, damages incurred to Ukraine’s budget, as a result of subjective decision-making power, run into billions of hryvnas.

The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO) has analysed the issues of defence housing in Ukraine. It recommends the Ukrainian government develop a new defence housing strategy and adopt the necessary legislation to reform this sector. The strategy must account for the real needs of the military, include all relevant infrastructure to the defence housing database, and reflect the current Ukrainian real estate market.

Currently the Committee is working on the corruption schemes within Ukraine’s defence housing sector to identify the key and most harmful ones.

Corruption and poor governance of Ukraine’s Defence Real Estate

Another long-term research aims to identify key corrupt practices pertaining to the use of MoD land, address matters of poor governance and provide recommendations on how to establish effective control and legitimacy of land use.

Corruption Risks in Defence Procurement: Legal Analysis

Ukraine’s defence sector scored a ‘D’ in the most recent edition of Transparency International’s Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index (GI); signifying low transparency and a ‘high’ risk of corruption. Defence procurement scored even lower and was highlighted as the most opaque and corruption-prone area in the defence sector.

To help improve this, NAKO has studied the phenomenon and identified “red flags” i.e. the most common indicators of corruption in defence procurement. NAKO researchers interviewed 35 well-placed sources and analysed over 47 incidences of alleged or confirmed cases of corruption in Ukrainian military purchases between 2014-2018.

Having previously unmasked the corruption indicators in Ukraine’s defence procurement, the Committee is now involved in the deep analysis of the existing legislation to provide recommendations for legislative changes aimed at reducing corruption risks in defence sector.

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NAKO is Working on the Questionnaire for Presidency Candidates

Taking into account that Ukraine is entering the pre-electin period, NAKO has decided to prepare a questionnaire to find out the position of the presidency candidates on the burning defence issues.

This is aimed at revealing how the potential candidates plan to reduce corruption in Ukraine’s defence and security sphere, including particular problems within the sector that NAKO is working on.

The Committee will work on the questionnaire and will send it to all candidates. Having received the answers from the candidates, NAKO will make the response public, along with the comments of our analysts.