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25 лютого, 2022
What should Ukraine’s partners do to stop russian aggression - NAKO’s list of the key steps
On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine, the largest European democracy. It became the darkest day of our lives in Ukraine. It is surreal.
Our Army is heroic. They are putting an incredible fight. Especially, given that the Ukrainian budget is ten times less than the Russian and they don’t always have all the supplies and weapons they need. They were able to protect many cities and strategic points, shot down Russian jets and tanks.
Unthinkable events have unfolded. Ukraine was attacked from all sides. Over 160 missiles were shot into 17 of our cities, including the capital Kyiv. Ukrainian losses: 137 dead, 369 wounded. All our defenders of our strategic Zmiyiny island were killed after they refused to give up and told the Russian military ship to “to go f..k itself”. Russians seized Chernobyl powerplant and took its staff as hostages. Russians created a kill list of all our societal leaders. Our democratically elected President Zelensky and his family are the number one target. General mobilization was announced. Our civilians are in lines to join the territorial defense. Our adults and kids in many cities and towns, including Kyiv, are spending the night in bomb shelters and metro stations.
Ukraine is defending not just our democracy, but the whole ‘free world’. But after almost 24 hours of heavy fighting, the ‘free world’ did not even get decisive enough to cut Russia off SWIFT. This is the least they could have done given this barbaric open unprovoked attack on a peaceful free country. Ukrainians are left alone to fight the biggest army on the continent, while Europeans (esp. Germany, Italy, Hungary, Cyprus) are sipping their coffee and worrying themselves about the size of their energy bills.
One-third of Russian troops have entered Ukraine. They are trying to exhaust us and more of them will come. Every hour matters. It separates life and death for many innocent and wonderful people of Ukraine.
Thank you for all the words of support and sympathy we received today!
Please, don’t just stop with keeping Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers, but act! You can do a lot. We need your support!
1. Demand “sanctions from hell”, no less than on Iran,  such as, an embargo on the import of Russian oil and gas, freezing of Russian state assets abroad, closing ports and airports for Russian ships and planes, banning Russian media, expelling Russian elites and their families from the Western countries, where they live,  study, shop and get medical treatment. Hold rallies in support of Ukraine and help your governments make decisions that will help stop this war. Write letters to your representatives. Talk to media and post on social media.
2. Demand that NATO institutes a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine and helps remove the naval blockade of Ukraine.
3. Demand that your government waives visa requirements for Ukrainians, if there are any, to facilitate evacuation for those who need it. Think about how you can help those Ukrainians who need it.
4. Demand that your governments support Ukraine in whatever way they can: with weapons supply, financial assistance, humanitarian assistance, etc.
5. Donate to help Ukraine. E.g. there is a direct multi-currency account opened by the National Bank today to supply our Armed Forces. There are many other trustworthy charities listed here.
We at NAKO, the Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Commission, for five years have been working to make our defense and security sector move closer to Euro-Atlantic standards. And it did. Ukrainians really believe in democracy and freedom and they are working hard to make sure that they will never have to go back to the Russian evil empire. Suddenly, today Russians told us  that they hate our pro-European reforms and they hate how Ukraine is transforming itself. Therefore they will come and just kill us, just because they can and because the world will allow do them whatever they want.
We need to stop them together!
Our priority now is to bring all of our team to safety. We will keep working to inform the world about the Russian invasion and help our Army and civilians to protect our beautiful country.