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27 September, 2021
Analysis of Draft Law №5716 on defence housing
In June 2021, MPs introduced Draft Law №5716, which aims to reduce the housing queue of 45,000 service members and their families. 
The Draft Law proposes to provide the service members with housing at the expense of non-state allocated funds and the alienation or transfer of property for rent. 
NAKO analysed the Draft Law and found that the document does not regulate the defence housing issue. Instead, it applies more to the issues of organising auctions, allocating land plots, alienating real estate, and transferring defence lands for rent
NAKO experts also identified several considerable corruption risks, including:
  • Risks of unfair competition;
  • Lack of safeguards against financial abuse;
  • Risks of non-compliance with the terms of investment agreements;
  • Lack of regulation of the peculiarities of using funds received from property transactions;
  • Excess and unjustified delegation of public authorities’ and officials’ powers.
In addition, the Draft Law contains some contradictions and technical inconsistencies and contradicts Ukrainian legislation in general. 
A detailed analysis of the document is available in Ukrainian below: